X-600 Medium Size Digital Convection PCB Pre-heater

The X-600 PCB Pre-heater is extremely accurate. It has user adjustable off-set and unique acceleration mode to speed-up initial warm-up from a cold start at room temperature. The unit has a small foot-print to reduce the workspace required for SMT Rework and Repair. This design emphasizes on the accurate process control for the rework tasks.. Pre-heater Unit is microprocessor controlled to maintain accuracy and to extend heating element life.

X-600 Medium size Digital Convection PCB Pre-heater

System Features:

  • Microprocessor controlled by powerful firmware.
  • High power, small area pre-heat chamber.
  • ESD safe.
  • Close loop temperature PID control maintaining set temperatures with high accuracy and extending heaters life.
  • "Cool" function
  • FOCUS link to connect with FOCUS top hot air systems.
  • X-DataStore to connect with a PC.
  • LED display: 4x7 segments.

System includes:

  • X-600 Unit
  • System Manual
  • Warranty Card

Available models:

  • X-600/230 - Small Digital Convection PCB Pre-heater, Supply Voltage 207-242V.
  • X-600/115 - Small Digital Convection PCB Pre-heater, Supply Voltage 104-127V.

Technical Specifications:

MODEL X-600/230 X-600/115
Input Voltages 207-242V AC 104-127V AC
Power Consumption 600 W
System dimensions (W x H x D) 4.1" x 3.7" x 7.9" (105 x 95 x 200 mm)
Chimney dimension 3.5" x 3.5" (90 x 90 mm)
Preheat Temperature measured on a PCB 140-302 °F (60 -150 °C)
Average PCB preheat time to 150°C Less than 2 min.