11 X-FineRework-SX Precision Rework System for boards up to 12” wide
X-FineRework-SX Precision Rework System for boards up to 12” wide

X-FineRework-SX is a Unique, Modular, Digital PID Control SMT Rework/Repair System with integrated Pre-heater, which offers precise and accurate monitoring of process temperatures at a working point on a PCB. It allows pre-setting of exact temperature of air stream at the end of Hot Air Pencil Nozzle and at a tip of Soldering Iron. The accuracy is achieved by user adjustable offset, which compensates for differences in PCBs' being reworked (dual or multi-layer, high and low mass).

The unique, high performance of the unit is possible due to use of the newest microprocessor technology and thorough programming of all control and monitoring functions combined with PID temperature control of all heaters.


  X-FineRework-SX includes:
X-FineRework-SX Series
Please Choose base combination, which BEST suites your needs
  1. Programmable, Intelligent SMT Rework/Repair Unit. Patented in US, Japan and Europe
  2. Digital PID Control Unit with integrated Pre-heater Base, Hot Air Pencil, Iron and vacuum Pick-up
  3. Universal, Retractable Board Holder for boards up to 12" wide
Tool Stand with up/down Z axis movement High Intensity, long life Illumination System
with fine X-Y positioning, rotation, and Auto Lift with fine X-Y positioning, rotation with Auto Lift  
What it Contains FOCUS"X1" SMT-ServiCE XU-1S XK-4AL XK-4 XK-2AL XK-2 XIL-2
X-FineRework-SX-AL-IL X X X X       X
X-FineRework-SX-AL X X X X        
X-FineRework-SX-IL X X X   X     X
X-FineRework-SX X X X   X      
X-FineRework-SX2-AL-IL X X X     X   X
X-FineRework-SX2-AL X X X     X    
X-FineRework-SX2-IL X X X       X X
X-FineRework-SX2 X X X       X  

All systems additionally include:

If you need any other, not listed combination, please contact either the distributor or factory direct at: bokar@bomir.com. We will certainly accommodate you and give you what you really need.

Please note that all X-KAR Subsystems are interchangeable. You will be able to add later any other subsystem if you needed. E.g. Use XK-4 instead of XK-2 or change manual lift for Auto-lift or interchange SMT-ServiCE with X-1001 Pre-heater etc.

Optional and absolutely recommended accessories:

  Optional Equipment:
  • XIL-2 - High Intensity, long life Illumination System
XIL-2 High Intensity, long life Illumination System
  • XK-4AL - Tool Holder with Auto Lift. This holder will replace XK-4, and will lift XHT-15 Hot Air Tool with a component upon reflow when connected to Focus "X" or on demand by pressing either a push button on the XK-4AL or XFS-2 foot switch.

XK-3AL - Tool Holder with Auto Lift

  • XFS-2 - Foot Switch for use with either SMT-ServiCE or XK-4AL
  • XHT-1P - Small handle hot air pencil (250W) for Focus "+"
XHT-1P - Small handle hot air pencil (250W) for Focus "+" XHT-1 - Small Handle, High Power Hot Air Tool with Mini Nozzles
XSI-10 - Iron

Available Tip Shapes for XSI-10

XN-1 XN-2 XN-3
XN-1 XN-2 XN-3
XN-4 XN-5 XN-6
XN-4 XN-5 XN-6
XN-7 XN-8 XN-9
XN-7 XN-8 XN-9
    Nozzles contain in XHP-NS1 Nozzle Set